Welcome to the BBJ Tech Website!

Welcome to the BBJTech website. I provide low cost computer service and sales for the Columbia, South Carolina area residents. I repair and sell both desktop and laptop computer systems. Some of the services I perform include Windows based Operating System installations (Windows XP all the way through Windows 10), Virus/Malware Removal, Tune Ups, Computer Upgrades and more. I sell pre-built and custom built desktop computers, even to your exact specifications. I may have some desktop computers and laptops for sale that have usually been upgraded and/or fixed to proper working order.

If your a beginner computer tech you may find the tech articles somewhat useful. It covers a couple scenerios that you just might run into when starting to work on computers.

I have computer articles based on computer hardware. You may be interested to see what is being reviewed and the results of the review. Reviews may consist of CPUs/Processors, Motherboards, Ram Memory, and more. I try to be as helpful and thorough as I can.

I also do some Visual Basic and Visual Basic.NET programming and have available some software completely Free for you to download and use for various tasks.

Feel free to check out the About Me section and other areas related to my experience and offers for those who live in Columbia, SC.

I am CompTIA A+ Certified