csEasy Autorun.Inf Making Tool 2.0

  csEasy Autorun.Inf Making Tool 2.0 - 32/64-Bit Windows XP/Vista/7/8* v2.0.0 (405.4 KiB)

This program is completely free, easy to use, and includes the basic features needed to create Autorun.Inf files compatible with all of the modern versions of Microsoft Windows..)

A picture of the application

  The csEasy Autorun.Inf Maker 2.0 tool was purposely designed to make is very easy to create Autorun.Inf files. These features are supported in all of the modern versions of Windows. Which basically includes: Win XP, Vista, Win 7, and even the new Windows 8. (As a side-note Autorun technology was introduced with Microsoft Windows 95)

Important Note: Microsoft limits the autorun/autoplay functionality in relation to usb flash drives and memory cards. You really only have a couple options that will be used by Windows. You can specify the Icon to use when shown in My Computer/Explorer, and the Label that appears in the same My Computer/Windows Explorer areas. So whenever your flash drive is installed and viewed in those area’s, only the Label you specify and the Icon you specify will be used and is shown next to the drive letter.
If Autoplay is enabled, then a list of Actions will popup for the user to decide on what to do. (This might be a hint of what features the new 3.0 version of this program will have in the future. If I decide to make it that is.)

Very Important Info: Awhile back Microsoft released an update that completely disabled basically ALL autorun features with usb flash drives. So there doesn’t seem to be much of anything to create Autorun features in relation to flash drives and memory cards anymore. So if the user has the Win update installed, it seems your flash drive Autorun.Inf file will be ignored.

To get started Select the .exe file you want to run. Then decide which icon you want to use. You can use the the programs .exe icon (default setting), or you can select a custom icon (.bmp, .dll, .exe, and .ico formats and extensions are supported). Once your happy with your exe and icon, you can specify the label you want to appear next to the drive letter (Eg: d:, e:\, and so on), when viewed in My Computer and Windows Explorer (explorer.exe). You can then click on the Preview button to see what the source code will look like. Once your satisfied with your Autorun setup simply select the location you want to save your Autorun.Inf file! Thats literally all there is to it!

Quick Note: The file MUST be named Autorun.Inf or autorun.inf. Otherwise Windows will simply not detect it!

Showing the application selecting a specific area for capturing


        • PC Computer with Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 based operating systems.
        • Both 32-Bit and 64-Bit operating systems and Processors are Supported.
        • Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5


      • 1GB Ram for Windows XP or 2GB Ram with Vista/Windows 7/Win8