csEasy Encoder 2010 eXPress Edition

  csEasy Encoder 2010 eXPress Edition - 32/64-Bit Windows XP/Vista/7/8* v1.2.0 (4.6 MiB)

A small update was added to support converting Apple I-Tunes *.m4a based audio files to .mp3 and .wav formats. Also added support for conveting *.m4v fils to other movie/video formats. This program can now be used as a Free .M4A to .MP3 converter!)

  A compact, easy to use program for performing many of the basic functions beginner users require to encode music  and video files. Its supports many of the latest and greatest video codec formats. MPEG4 (Including H.264), AVI, Windows Media Video, Flash Video and more are all possible with this  little application. Another feature is If you own a music video file, and you only want the audio/music portion, then this program will take/grab/strip just the audio from the source video and save the audio as a .MP3 or .Wav file. Now with the version 1.2 update, you now have a very easy to use and Free .m4a to .mp3 converter! So now you can convert your Apple i-Tunes .m4a files to .mp3 and play them in any MP3 player! .M4V formats are supportd as well! A completely free i-tunes format to .mp3 converter!



Supports many of the Latest and Greatest Video Formats

You have a variety of format choices to encode your videos. You have a choice to use many of the popular formats like: MPEG4 .MP4; MPEG4 x.264; Quicktime .MOV;.MP3; Windows Media Video; Flash Video; Wave .Wav, and MPEG 1&2 .MPG based DVD, SVCD, VCD Presets! Standard and HQ (High Quality) modes are available. Standard mode will basically use the same quality settings as the source media. HQ mode will enhance the encoder using high quality Bitrate and Audio parameters. There is also a very high quality setting named: ‘.MP4 – h.264_HQ‘ option available in the format list. Preset modes for encoding in DVD quality, Video CD and Super Video CD are available. MPEG 4 .M4A audio is now supported! You can easily convert your Apple i-Tunes .m4a files to *.mp3 and *.wav files completely FREE!
Note: I do recommend you download and install a decent codec pack like K-Lite Standard edition. This will help you to playback and encode most all of the popular codec formats. The K-Lite Standard Edition also includes an MPEG2 driver for DVD playback.
Very Fast, High Quality Encoding Engine

This program uses the excellent FFMPeg.exe encoding engine for high quality, high speed audio and video encoding. FFMPeg is a popular and proven open source library for most audio and video encoding needs. The csEasyEncoder 2010 eXPress Edition program highlights only a small portion of FFMPEG’s capabilities. If you wish to know more about ffmpeg then go to this website.

      • PC Computer with Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 operating system.
      • Both 32-Bit and 64-Bit operating systems and Processors are Supported.
      • Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5 Client or Full version and Higher
      • FFMPEG.Exe Library, This is installed on your computer by Default from the csEasyEncoder Installer. But in case something goes wrong and the FFMPEG.exe file doesn’t auto install, then you will want to download this file from FFMPEG.Org, and when you start to encode a file the csEasy Encoder eXPress application will ask you where to find it. Just browse to where the file is located. You will need a unzipping program to decompress the file.


      • Codec Pack like K-Lite Standard Edition
      • Dual Core or Quad Core Processor like an AMD Phenom II Quad Core
      • 1GB Ram for Windows XP or 2GB Ram with Vista/Windows 7