csSimple Audio-Video Timing Resyncing Tool

Quick Info: The csSimple Audio-Video Timing Resyncing Tool is a free, easy to use program to allow you to adjust or sync audio with video in movie or video files.

Free and Clean Program to sync audio with video!

  csSimple Audio-Video Timing Resyncing Tool - 32/64-Bit Windows XP/Vista/7/8* v1.0.2 (7.9 MiB)

Overview: This is a very simple tool to help you adjust the position of the audio in a video file so you can get the audio properly synchronized in your video if its out of sync. In other words, If your Audio or your Video is out of sync with each other, give this free, simple, and easy to use tool a try!)

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A picture of what the application looks like to sync audio with video

  The csSimple Audio-Video Timing Adjustment tool is a very simple, easy to use program that gives you the ability to adjust the positioning of the audio within your video in relation to the visual content. For Example: You have a video or movie that visually shows a man talking, but you don’t actually hear what he said until two seconds after you saw him speaking, or you heard him speak 3 seconds before the movie visually showed him speaking. Using this program will help you to fix that problem by allowing you to adjust the timing of the audio stream to be earlier or later in time within the video. Basically this tool can help you to re-adjust the audio stream of your selected video file so you can make the audio and video stream be in sync with each other and save as a new media file. It allows you to specify in seconds and milli-seconds the offset time and direction to move the audio content. Using a negative number will cause the audio to begin sooner, while using a positive value will make the audio begin later. You can actually get your results in as little as 4 steps.

Step 1: Click the ‘Select Source’ button and select the Video/Movie/Media you want to adjust.
Step 2: Click on the ‘SaveTo…’ button and specify the path, filename, and file extension you want the newly adjusted video to be saved.
Step 3: Then specify the timimg and direction for adjusting the audio content using the second and milli-second boxes located next to the ‘Offset Audio by’ label.
Step 4: Then click on the ‘Start’ button. Thats it! Nothing complicated about it!

About box for the program

This program will save your newly adjusted video with similar quality as your original video. It also allows you to convert the original video to another format by simply saving the new video with a different extension. For instance, if the media you want to adjust is a flash video file (.flv) you can save it as an MPEG4 (.mp4) format or to many other popular media file formats. All you need to do is when you set the path and filename for your new media, simply put .mp4 as the extension instead of .flv as the extension at the end of the filename. After you do that and finish the encoding process, your video will now be an MPEG4 based video. But, if you want to convert the video to higher/lower quality/filesizes, then you can use the csEasyEncoder toolfor that purpose after you adjust and save your new file.

So in the end; if your Audio is out of sync, if your video is out of sync, need to sync video to audio, or any other way you put it, this program will hopefully make it easy for you to fix your video! 🙂

Most Video Formats are Supported

This program can help you adjust the audio position within a video file using many different media formats. Popular choices like:: MPEG4 .MP4; MPEG4 h.264; Quicktime .MOV; Windows Media Video; Flash Video; and MPEG 1&2 .MPG based DVD, SVCD, VCD are all supported!

Note: I do recommend you download and install a decent codec pack like K-Lite Standard edition. This will help you to playback and encode most all of the popular codec formats. The K-Lite Standard Edition also includes an MPEG2 driver for DVD playback.
Very Fast, High Quality Extraction Engine

This program uses the excellent FFMPeg.exe engine to readjust your video’s audio with high quality, high speed results. FFMPeg is a popular and proven open source library for most audio and video extraction and encoding needs. The csSimpleVideoImageExtraction Tool program only highlights a small portion of FFMPEG’s capabilities. If you wish to know more about ffmpeg then go to this website.

      • PC Computer with Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 operating system.
      • Both 32-Bit and 64-Bit operating systems and Processors are Supported.
      • Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5 Client or Full version and Higher
      • FFMPEG.Exe and FFProbe.exe Library, This is installed on your computer by Default from the csSimpleVideoExtraction Installer. But in case something goes wrong and the FFMPEG.exe or FFProbe.exe file doesn’t auto install, then you will want to download this file from FFMPEG.Org, and put the ffmpeg.exe and ffprobe.exe file in the same directory/folder that the programs .exe file is located. You will need an unzipping program like 7Zip to decompress the file(s).


      • Codec Pack like K-Lite Standard Edition
      • Dual Core or Quad Core Processor like an AMD Phenom II Quad Core
      • 1GB Ram for Windows XP or 2GB Ram with Vista/Windows 7

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