csSimple Screen Capture 2012 – Easy Edition

  csSimple Screen Capture 2012 – Easy Edition – 32/64-Bit Windows XP/Vista/7/8* v1.0.0 (311.5 KiB)

Ths is a completely free, easy to use program with basic screenshot\snapshot features for most of the modern versions of Microsoft Windows.)

A picture of the application performing a full-screen snapshot

  The csSimple Screen Capture 2012 – Easy Edition tool is a very simple, easy to use program that gives you the ability to capture the visual content on your computer screen. You have available 3 main capturing modes.
  One mode is the ability to target a specific window or program. You simply click down and hold while dragging the Target icon to the program or window using your mouse. Then release the mouse button once your over your target. Once that step is completed you have two sub-options. One option will try to capture that exact item. The other option is to shoot the parent, or owner of that item you targeted. (If it has a parent or owner).
  Another feature is the ability to capture your entire screen. In other words, everything you see on the screen, it will try to capture as a single image. You likewise have a couple options associated with that method. One option is whether or not you want this program to be in the screenshot. Another is the option of including the mouse cursor/pointer in the screenshot or to hide it from the screen shot. Likewise, if you want the mouse cursor pointer included, you can invert the color of the cursor/pointer which might help you see it better in your screenshot.
  A final screenshot feature is the ability to use your mouse, to select or draw/fill an outline of a specific area on the screen. You simply hold down the left-click button on your mouse, and move the mouse around the area you want to capture and press the Enter/Return key on your keyboard to take the screenshot. Its just that simple! You have a couple options to help enhance the visibility of drawing your outline. You can set whether to draw a box style outline or to fill-in the outline of your screen selection. You can also decide the color to use when you draw your selection. I basically added these features so it would be easier for you to see what your custom selection is in case the outline/fill color doesn’t have enough contrast with the area your wanting to select!

Showing the application selecting a specific area for capturing

Another image showing the application selecting a specific area for capturing


The two images above show the application taking a screenshot of a specific area thats displayed on the computer screen. The picture below is showing a snapshot with a custom area of the screen that has been captured.


An image of a screenshot I made drawing out a selected area


Save to Popular Image Formats

Once your satisfied with your snapshot, you have the option to save your picture in a few different image formats. JPEG (.jpg), TIFF (.tif), Portable Network Document (.png) formats are all supported with 3 different .jpg quality settings.

One final feature I will mention is the option of copying your screenshot image to the windows clipboard. Simply right-click on the image box on the program where you see your snapshot image and click on the Copy to Clipboard option. Then you can simply Paste your snapshot without saving to a file!


        • PC Computer with Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 based operating systems.
        • Both 32-Bit and 64-Bit operating systems and Processors are Supported.
        • Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5


      • 1GB Ram for Windows XP or 2GB Ram with Vista/Windows 7/Win8