Fix or Straighten Bent CPU Pins

Important: If you do anything mentioned on this site it is your OWN risk and I shall NOT take any responsibility for anything negative that may result.

I like many others has ran into the problem of buying or coming across a cpu with some pins bent. There are a few ways to deal with this, but one of the easiest and safest ways is to use a mechanical pencil. This is a very brief article and will not be great detail. You can do a web search that should yield many results…. This tip may also work for the motherboards that has the pins inside the socket. For example Intel Socket 775, Socket 1366, and 1156 pin mainboards. The newer AMD Opteron motherboards has pins in the socket as well. Wonder how long it will be before AMD ends up putting their mainstream (AM2/AM2+/AM3 style) cpu’s like the Phenom and Athlons to a pinless design?

Items for fixing Bent CPU Pins

Mechanical Style #2 Pencil
Stable Platform
Good Lighting

CPU and Mechanical Pencil

 Easy as…

First of all, you do not want the lead to be sticking out. You will actually push the pencil opening that the lead goes in over the bent pin. Then you simply bend/straighten out the pin to its correct or near correct position. You still need to be careful and do it very slow. If a pin has been bent it could be very weak. So you want to bend the pin very slow as not to cause to much stress on the pin and it end of breaking off. Make Very Small steps and check the pin alignment Very often. You really do not want to re-bend the pin as it will already be on the week side.

More Info: If a pin on the cpu ends up broken the processor could still work. A cpu contains a few pins that act as grounds. If the pin that broke off was a ground pin its very possible that the processor could work perfectly fine. If its a power pin, then you need a new cpu or solder the pin back on. (Some people has actually resoldered the pin and the cpu works just like its suppose too.) Another way some have done is stick the broken pin/or a wire with the proper length inside the socket pin hole on the motherboard. You want the wire to just barely make contact with the pin area on the bottom of the cpu. Do a search for Broken CPU Pin or similar in Google and see what fixes you may come up with!

Anyways, hopefully this little tip will same you some time and frustration.